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Fungi Magic

Despite the very dry summer and not too wet autumn, the field in front of Bodfan has again this year, produced a wonderful show of Waxcap Fungi

The attached photos have been taken by a Mycologist friend, Debbie Evans. Debbie has been watching Bodfan's field for a couple of years and discovered the Jubilee Waxcap. This has been verified by Kew and is, at the moment, the only confirmed site on Anglesey.  As you will see from the photos the colours of Waxcaps are stunning. I have a complete list of the 18 species of Fungi found in the past week and anyone interested can contact me.

Jubilee waxcap gliophorus reginae at Bodfan

Citrine waxcap hygrocybe citrinovirens at Bodfan

Golden waxcap hygrocybe chlorophana

Mucilago crustacea at Bodfan

Pink waxcap porpolomopsis calyptriformis

Scarlet waxcap hygrocybe coccinea

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